Discover Montenegro: Citizenship by Investment Insights

Background & General Outline

The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program was launched by the Government of Montenegro as part of its ongoing efforts to attract foreign direct investment and increase economic activity in the country. Montenegro economic citizenship program allows foreigners to be granted the citizenship of Montenegro at the discretion of the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Public Administration through a designated investment.

Situated on the Balkan Peninsula in South eastern Europe, Montenegro is known for its magnificent and unparalleled natural beauty. Emerging as a sovereign state in 2006, Montenegro is a member of NATO, uses the euro as its currency, and is an official candidate country for European Union membership.

Montenegro boasts untouched expansive peaks, shimmering lakes, and a 629,000 strong population that is known for its warm hospitality. The majestic Mount Lovćen is the heart of the country and the enchanting Adriatic Coast spans 273 km, is indented with pristine sandy beaches, and features the elite Porto Montenegro, one of Europe’s increasingly popular luxury destinations. This natural harbour is home to super yachts, helicopter fleets, exquisite properties, and lavish nightclubs.

Nearby lies the medieval town of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where the mountainous landscape frames the Venetian, Austrian, and baroque-style buildings. Tourism is the biggest driver of this safe and stable country’s economy, and Montenegro frequently ranks as one of the world’s prime tourist destinations.

The World Bank classifies Montenegro as one of the fastest-growing Balkan economies, and the nation is quickly establishing itself as a key strategic destination for some of the world’s most important industries.

Key Facts of Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program

  • An investment of EUR 450,000 to development projects in the capital of Podgorica or in the coastal regions.
  • An investment of EUR 250,000 to development projects in northern or central Montenegro, excluding Podgorica.
  • In addition, there is a government donation of EUR 200,000 per application. This contribution will be directed to a special fund for the advancement of underdeveloped areas (EUR 100,000) and towards the Innovation Fund of Montenegro (EUR 100,000).
  • Processing time approximately six to eight months from submission of the application to approval.
  • The right of free movement to Montenegro, the countries in Europe’s Schengen Area, Russia, and Turkey, among others.
  • Citizenship in a multinational and multilingual European community that enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate, beautiful scenery, and a low cost of living.
  • Citizenship in a member state of the European Monetary Union, the NATO Alliance, OSCE and the WTO.
  • Full citizenship granted to the applicant and family members.


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Montenegro Capital: Podgorica
Currency: Euro
European Union Country: No
Schengen Country: No
Population: 0.626 Million (2023)
GDP: $7.058 Billion (Nominal, 2023) $17.431 Billion (PPP, 2023)
GDP Per Capita: 11,338 USD ‎(Nominal, 2023), $28,002 USD (PPP, 2023)
Passport Index: Rank 34 – Access to 128 countries worldwide visa free or visa on arrival or ETA. Travelling to 70 countries worldwide will not be visa free. ( – 2023)
Type of Citizenship Program: Real Estate Investment & Government Donation